Hey friends, gather ’round because have I got a hot holiday tip for you! No, it’s not how to make grandma’s famous stuffing or the ultimate hack to untangle Christmas lights (though, if you find out, let me know). I’m talking about escaping the holiday hullabaloo without going far—more specifically, a cozy lil’ spot called Lantern Retreat in Kerrville, Texas. Yup, you heard it here first!

Why Kerrville, You Ask?

Okay, okay, let’s get this outta the way. I know some of you big city dwellers from San Antonio and Austin might be wondering why the heck you’d want to go “small town” for the holidays. Well, lend me your ears, or rather, your eyeballs. First off, it’s a quick trip—less than a couple of hours hours by car! Come on, you’ve waited longer for a table at a hip brunch spot. And for those of you in Houston or Dallas, it’s a bit more of a haul (about four hours), but totally worth it. Think of it as an extended road trip with countless “I Spy” opportunities. So, why not switch out your high-rise view for some Texas Hill Country horizons? Trust me; you’ll thank me later.

All About Lantern Retreat

Now, let’s chat about the star of the show, Lantern Retreat. This isn’t your average “let’s all cram into a hotel room and fight over the remote” kinda deal. Nope, we’re talking a 4-bedroom haven with room for everyone—your crazy uncle, your friend who claims they can cook but really can’t, your cousin’s new partner you’ve never met but are already judging based on their Instagram—everyone!

And hey, foodies in the group, we got you! The full kitchen is the real MVP here. Ever tried making a turkey dinner with just a microwave and a prayer? No need for such shenanigans here; you’ll have all the equipment you need to whip up a holiday feast or, ya know, just heat up leftovers at 3 a.m. No judgment.

So Many Places to Chill (Or Not)

Alright, let’s talk gathering spots. Inside, it’s cozy central. Board games by the fireplace, holiday movie marathons, late-night convos in pajamas—you name it! But if you’re more of an al fresco aficionado, the outdoor gathering places are gonna be your jam. Imagine sipping hot cocoa under the Texas stars, swapping stories, or enjoying the hot tub.

And for those who find the idea of “relaxing” blasphemous and “chilling” a terrible waste of time (you monsters), the Lantern Retreat’s got a game room garage that’ll keep you busy. Ping pong, hoops, arcade classics, card game table — oh my!

Why It’s My Holiday Pick

Here’s the deal—holidays can be stressful. Between gift shopping, cooking, and having the same argument about politics or why you’re still single, it’s a lot. And the truth is, many of us could use a break from the routine without breaking the bank or spending half a day at the airport. That’s where Lantern Retreat comes in.

You get a change of scenery, some quality time with your peeps, and a chance to make new traditions in a place that feels like home but isn’t. You can even bring that oddball friend who doesn’t celebrate the holidays—they’ll find their bliss in the game room or by taking artsy photos of the Hill Country for their “influencer” portfolio.

So why am I choosing to escape to Kerrville for the holidays? Because I’d rather spend my time arguing over board games than over dinner table topics. Because I want to start the new year refreshed, not frazzled. And because the best gift you can give your family and friends (and yourself!) is quality time together. And honestly, Lantern Retreat is just the place to do it.

So pack up the car, curate your road trip playlist, and let’s meet under the twinkling Texas stars this holiday season. See ya at the Lantern, folks!

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