Bird One: “You ever dream of the high life, buddy? Big trees, a cool creek, prime real estate…”

Bird Two: “What are you chirping about now?”

Bird One: “The Lantern Retreat backyard. Have you seen it? Two beautiful shade trees and a refreshing artificial creek!”

Bird Two: “Oh, that swanky place? We’re wild birds, not vacationers. We can’t just move in!”

Bird One: “Who’s going to stop us? Those trees aren’t reserved! And the creek… just imagine, a quick dip to cool off in the Texas heat!”

Bird Two: “Oh, a dreamer, aren’t we? And what happens when the humans show up?”

Bird One: “We blend in! Become part of the scenery. Maybe even put on a little song and dance for them.”

Bird Two: “A performance? For our rent?”

Bird One: “Exactly! And if they leave some crumbs from their sandwiches…well, that’s just a bonus.”

Bird Two: “I have to admit, it does sound better than overheating in this sun. Okay, let’s do it. But remember, I’m not doing the worm dance!”

Bird One: “No worm dance, I promise. To the Lantern Retreat! May our feathers forever remain cool under those shade trees!”

Bird Two: “To the Lantern Retreat, indeed! But remember, if anyone asks, we’re just visiting!”

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