There once was a woman who went to Kerrville,
To escape the grind, and just chill.
She brought her laptop, it was a must,
To keep up with work, and earn some trust.

Her workspace was cozy, with a comfy chair,
And a desk with a display, that she could not compare.
She worked and typed, and checked off her list,
But after work, it was time to enlist.

She hit the wine trail, and tasted some red,
And enjoyed time with friends, before heading to bed.
The town was charming, with so much to do,
And when it was time to leave, she felt renewed.

So if you need a break, but still need to work,
Come to Kerrville, you won’t feel like a jerk.
Use our workspace, and have some fun,
And when you leave, you’ll feel like you’ve won.

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