In Kerrville, we’ve got a game room to boast,
It’s perfect for families and friend groups most!
Our garage was converted, it’s a total treat,
Come and play, you’ll be on your feet!

With multi-game arcade, your thumbs will fly,
Arcade basketball to give it a try.
Ping pong is waiting, with paddles in hand,
And a card table for your winning plans.

TV is ready, and so is the AC,
Stay cool while playing, isn’t that a sight to see?
It’s perfect for groups, or parents to unwind,
And send the kids out, leaving the mess behind!

At our vacation rental, #GameOnGarage’s the name,
And fun is the ultimate goal of our game!
So, book your stay, and come on down,
Kerrville’s waiting for you, we won’t let you frown!

Book your stay now at!

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