Listen up y’all, ’cause we’ve got a treat,
A vacation home that can’t be beat!
It’s located in Kerrville, Hill Country’s best,
And we promise you’ll love it more than the rest.

The living room’s got a blue couch so fine,
It’ll make you feel like you’re living in rhyme.
With art on the walls and windows so big,
You’ll be living in luxury in our fancy digs!.

We’re Lantern Retreat, and we’re ready to rock,
With plenty of space for the whole fam, round the clock.
And if you’re feeling wild, we’ve got a surprise,
There’s even a game room that’ll open your eyes!

So pack your bags and come on down,
We’ll make sure your smiles never turn into frowns.
Don’t forget the website, it’s plain to see,, where happy memories will always be!

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